online: making clouds

© the avant/garde diaries / photography: fridolin schoepper - berndnaut smilde puffing smoke

launched in 2011 by mercedes-benz with a big event in berlin, the avant/garde diaries is an innovative digital interview magazine which documents personal views on the avant-garde. additionally, it hosts related events, curated by a veteran of the creative industry in leading cities across the planet. the magazine has just released making clouds, a video feauturing the creativity of berndnaut smilde. the dutch artist pushes a remote control button to activate a smoke machine in the green room of the war memorial veterans building in downtown san francisco.

billowing smoke forms a luscious, cotton candy-like mass in the middle of the beaux-arts chamber before it vaporizes into haze, casting a luminous complexion on the room. smilde’s work is defined by emphemerality, and his delicate installations exist only for a brief moment before they fall apart. often their only documentation in the form of a photograph. interestingly, it's this in-between moment that smilde is interested in - the contrast of temporality versus permanence. the video below shows an interview with smilde on his artsy manipulation and documentation of puffs of smoke in a beautiful setting.