online: lxtvny

shelter press is an independent publishing company founded in 2011. based in both paris and brussels, it's run by publisher + graphic designer bartolomé sanson and artist + musician félicia atkinson, and is the follow-up project of sorts of kaugummi books [2005-2011]. shelter press' publishing program is a varied one that focuses on contemporary art, writings, and experimental music through art books, mutliples and also records. it so happens that it has just released its first ep by vallens a.k.a. jon porras [one of the two kings of the californian barn owl]. vallens explores the intersection of minimal rhythms, analog processing and grayscale atmospherics, and with this new lxtvny ep jon porras opens the thresholds of burning galaxies, celestials thoughts and dark planets. it features 4 intriguingly gloomy tracks and is the first edition of only 400 copies, mastered by james plotkin and cut to vinyl at d+m berlin. naturally, the sleeve is designed by porras himself. fancy a copy? then [click] here to order yours.

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