online: i love u.s.a.

following a previous collab with nick knight's showstudio, edgy online retailer has now enlisted no other than cult creative hedi slimane and commissioned him to create i love u.s.a., an intriguing chrono-photography video. the work shows slimane‟s idealistic vision of the u.s. through the prism of the idyllic care-free california lifestyle. the story line is simple: sidney and wolf are two teens who meet for the first time in venice beach. interestingly, the two were respectively scouted at the 2009 and 2010 editions of the coachella festival and first met on the set. i love u.s.a. is an improvisation exercise that features themes that have made slimane the cult creative that he is today: the representation of a generation in general and ephemeral teenage beauty in particular. © - still from the i love u.s.a. video