online: hunger

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new york-based artist cyril duval a.k.a. item idem has teamed up with fashion film director cycy sanders to direct a rather witty, faux-cinematic trailer conceived for bi-annual food + culture read white zinfandel. called hunger, it premiers today on and stars takeru kobayashi, a voracious competitive eater from the land of the rising sun whose world records include swallowing no less than 110 hot dog sausages in 10 minutes. the movie kicks off with a rapid montage of kobayashi's greatest triumphs, evolves into camp parodies of the high-octane feel of american sports television while piggy-backing on hollywood themes found in campaigns for blockbusters like gladiator [2000] and the hunger games [2008]. as the movie's protagonist kobayashi devours clusters of grapes while reclining in a tunic and laurel wreath, the greco-roman-inspired scene typifies the bold and fashion-infused pop sensibility of item Idem, who collaborated with directional global players in fashionland such as comme des garçons, bernhard willhelm and the colette concept store in paris