online: hector magazine

© hector - cover of hector magazine

in a previous post we talked about the launch of a magazine by hostem, one of london's must-see stores for forward men's fashion. interestingly, each issue is named after a different man and different identity, and this one is dubbed hector. dedicated to style, culture and lifestyle, hector approaches these topics from the perspective of an erudite activist, and as such the issue is rather brilliantly conceptualized as a radical newspaper with a defaced poster by artist pascal fellonneau on the cover. what's in it? well, features include a photo series inspired by physiological illusions by cool dutch photo duo blommers / schumm, an in-depth chat with austrian artist hermann nitsch, a visit to the roman atelier of maurizio amadei, the man who helms artisan brand ma+, and a quirky fashion shoot of sorts that features a collab between conceptual artist koen hauser and collage artist ruth van beek. hector is available at select store across europe, including hostem [london], kk outlet [london], tate modern [london], colette [paris] and do you read me?! [berlin], but can also be purchased online.

© hector - photos featured in the new issue