online: freitag zippelin

© freitag / photography: linda suter

when it comes to travel, we're pretty open-minded about destinations, mode of transport, and even on the topic of travel gear. freitag has added a new option to care-free roaming with the so-called zippelin bag. inspired by last century's iconic airship, it's once again crafted from recycled truck tarp, the brand's signature material, and allows globetrotters carefree travel anywhere. it's light and sturdy, enabling to carry skateboard ball-bearing rollers and at the same time solves the storage problem facing luggage owners without an attic or cellar to call their own. that's because when your down time is over, you simply let out the air, and the 85-litre bag shows its nifty adaptability.

rolled up, the zippelin takes up no more space in your closet than the two litres of booze you bought at duty-free. mind you, hidden away inside the bag is a common or garden bicycle inner tube you can inflate with a standard pump and, thanks to the zip, replace quickly and simply. interestingly, there's a sustainability edge to the product as freitag decided to launch the new bag through crowd-funding platform kickstarter, meaning that the company's production crew will have a precise idea of demand before sacrificing any truck tarps and cutting out the first bag from limited raw materials.

and this is important, because making a zippelin takes about five times more tarp than a small messenger bag. the reason for offering what is a small revolution in big travel bags to the innovation-crazy kickstarter community hinged on the size of the crowd and not on the funding. the zippelin is already geared up for production and inflation, and freitag has no need to pump any more into product development. the first 100 early birds will be available for eur 380 – that's a whopping 27% off the future retail price of eur 520 – with delivery next april. 300 units will be available for the standard kickstarter price of eur 420 with delivery next may. more units will also be available for the months following. the 30-day kickstarter campaign has just been launched and will end on thu – oct 12.

© freitag / photography: oliver nanzig