online: fakasaka new collections

© fakasaka - e-bow table lamps from the newest darkskin collection

you can't say fernando akasaka doesn't take risks. the são paulo-based designer initially graduated in engineering and business administration, followed up by a secure corporate career path. but somewhere in 2006 he broke free from that rather expected trajectory and u-turned straight towards a passion that had been smouldering below the surface all along: design. self-taught and with a clear aesthetic vision, akasaka founded the fakasaka design company as a launch pad for his creative output. akasaka's aesthetic is intuitive yet is guided by his preference for sculptural forms and a non-conformist, artisanal approach, and so far this has resulted in collection of swanky jewellery pieces, lighting and other design objects for your home. he draws inspiration from a wide array of sources, and currently favours a dark aesthetic as can pieces from his latest collection demonstrate. made from black oxidized bronze, the designs incorporate an organic quality that's enhanced by distinct textures. since its inception, fakasaka has grown into an exclusive archive of contemporary design, and one that's bound to see many quirky additions. fakasaka's designs are exclusively available online, and are shipped internationally.

© fakasaka - the fa29 table lamp and fa25 coffee table from other collections