online: de rigueur #5

de rigueur is an interesting online publication from japan that focuses on making and wearing clothes, and finding inspiration through fashion. it aims to present a curated approach to fashion, from any period and discipline, through original documents and conversations with artists, thinkers, and last but not least the fashion designers themselves. by doing so, de rigueur critically questions the notion of beauty, and attempts to redefine the idea of fashion, beyond the usual 'what's hot right or not' and even the big hoopla that is today's fashion industry. de rigueur #5 is out now, and this modes china issue takes an in-depth look at fashion design and clothing production in china today. erik bernhardsson spent two and a half years working, travelling and meeting people in this booming nation.

through his essays and interviews, he offers a unique look into the realities of clothes-making there. the new edition also includes interviews with zhang da, designer of  luxury chinese heritage label xiang sha and which was established under the umbrella of french fashion house hermès, up and coming designer dooling jiang of digest design workshop, artist alessandro rolandi of social sensibility r&d, photographer ren hang and students of beijing's central academy of fine arts. additionally, the issue also features a report on shenzhen-based label ffixxed and its original mode of production, and a visual essay on china's rising clothing industry, including a surreal visit to new city eastern milan. interesting stuff, no? if you fancy a copy, click [here] to order yours.

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