online: cornelian taurus bags

© ln-cc - the 'struthio camellus' bag in wine red ostrich leather prior to launching his cornelian taurus brand in 2007, daisuke iwanaga worked as a designer and buyer, but already created custom-made bags for clients as a side project. he eventually chose to make bags because he considers it more of a craft today than apparel making, and also because he is able to execute nearly all of the processes himself. with his cornelian taurus brand, daisuke aims to merge diversity and functionality with japanese heritage. using only the finest materials, such as horse, goat, ostrich and crocodile leathers, and by applying traditional japanese tanning techniques, cornelian taurus is all about luxury but with a utilitarian design approach. inspired by his father's underwater construction work tools, daisuke incorporates brass fittings in his bag designs, giving them a striking contemporary edge. shown here are two models from the latest collection that we particularly like. cornelian taurus' superior bags are exclusively available online at london's directional fashion haunt ln-cc, but can also be ordered online.
© ln-cc - the 'capra hircus' bag in black goat leather