online: chatsubo

© chatsubo - yes indeed, chatsubo sells common projects! lacking style? got nothing cool to wear? or did little bro raid your closet just before taking off for sunny spain? nooo worries, chatsubo got you covered! this menswear retail portal is dedicated to bringing you the best in casual contemporary menswear from across the planet, aiming to give you the feel of browsing through your favourite menswear boutique. set up by two savvy brothers, chatsubo's offerings reflect their keen eye for quality labels, and these include chatsubo, wood wood, marshall artist, pvblic and common projects. our fav item is the latter's suede bone chukka, a made-in-italy trophy sneaker, made from the high-quality suede. and it's good to know that chatsubo ships internationally to wherever your digs are. happy shopping!
© chatsubo - object of desire: the suede bone chukka