online: bonaparte

© avant/garde diaries - tobias jundt enjoys a day by the lake

launched in 2011 by mercedes-benz with a big event in berlinthe avant/garde diaries is an innovative digital interview magazine which documents personal views on the avant-garde. additionally, it hosts related events, curated by a veteran of the creative industry in leading cities across the planet. the magazine has just released the bonaparte video, featuring the free-spirited creativity of berlin-based musician tobias jundt and his electro-rock band. mind you, jundt is the only permanent member of the bonaparte band, but at gigs the group may feature up to 20 musicians and performers. the avant/garde diaries followed jundt on a road trip to the luscious countryside of upstate new york where, aside from his unusual leisure outfits and make-up, it proved to be quite a mellow affair soundtracked by bonaparte's song things are more like they are now.