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© bomberg - a model from the bomberg 1968 collection

bomberg is a watch brand based in switzerland, the very cradle of illustrious timepieces. founded in 2012 by luis rocha, the brand makes quite an impact with a range of rather stylish watches, crafted in quality materials and designed with a keen eye for detail. each timepiece has been conceptualized for today's man on the go, whether it's for business, a night out on the town or an active leisure outing, the bomberg aesthetic easily adjusts to the mood of its bearer. there's an abundance of watches to choose from, currently 52 models spread over three collections. the bomberg 1968 collection is about cutting edge design in stainless steel, and marked by a slick black look with smooth, burnished lines. if you prefer a more versatile timepiece, the bomberg maven collection is right for you. also crafted from stainless steel, the design is a tad more rugged but nevertheless elegant enough to flaunt it anywhere and anytime. last but not least there's the bomberg semper collection. these watches are intriguingly hybrid, blending classic design with a contemporary twist and a vintage heart. the designs of all three collections include nifty technology such as a miyota os25 chronograph, distance meter and water resistance. bomberg's collections are available at select stores across the planet, but can also be purchased online.

© bomberg - models from the bomberg maven and bomberg semper collections [top + bottom]