online: blue is the new black

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susie breuer is an amsterdam-based fashion consultant. with years of work experience and in different capacities, she knows a thing or two about the trials and tribulations of a career in the tricky fashion industry. breuer's new book blue is the new black, released by bis publishers, sheds a clear light on what it takes to create a collection, how to build a brand and also key business relationships. whether you're a fashion graduate, fledgling entrepreneur or someone in an entry level position within the industry, this 232-page hardcover book explains it all, and step by step. from defining roles within the team and conceptualizing a collection, to the prerequisite knowledge of fabrics, types of branding for your collection, and how to deal with bulk orders. mind you, there's even a handy flow chart included that visually sums it all up. blue is the new black is the perfect guide to the relevant modules with its vocational a to z approach of what happens in the workplace. fancy a copy? then click [here] to order yours.

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