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asos knows how to dress you up, but what's the point if you've got nowhere to go? well, here's where the online retailer's whimsical innovation comes in with a not-to-be-missed event it wants to share with all of its fans around the globe. on thu - dec 12 [6pm - estasos will be hosting the planet’s first global online house party series which will be featuring some of today’s kick-ass electronic music artists, djs and producers. very appropriately dubbed the asos all nighter, asos will actually be throwing three wicked house parties, taking place in australia, north america and the u.k., and they're all hosted on the asos website. it's a highly interactive and multi-layered event that sucks you right in as if you're actually there! what's even better: your online attendance allows you to be in control and stay on top of exclusive news as the number of peeps visiting the site will have an effect on how and when the content is released.

so, the more partygoers who visit the site, the more friends they bring along with them and the more content they share on social networks, the more exclusive artist sets and interviews will be unlocked. imagine an online party setting with different rooms. the gigs will take place in the living rooms while artist interviews are to be held in the kitchen and a live party-selfies instagram competition will go down in the bathroom. obviously, you'll be able to hop from room to room at any time not to miss out on any of the debaucherous fun. additionally, there'll be several dance offs throughout the course of the party, with dancers facing off against each other to win your vote through an interactive video. so, who'll be appearing at the asos all nighter? the lineup is cool and current, featuring live gigs and dj sets by none other than jessie ware, istropical, eliphino and mount kimbie! forget real-time clubbing, you've got more exciting places to go! 

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