online: art space tokyo

art space tokyo is a great hardcover guide to the contemporary arts scene in the sprawling city of tokyo. the 272-page book introduces twelve of the city's most architecturally and historically distinctive art galleries and museums through interviews, essays, maps and beautiful illustrations by nobumasa takahashi. the guide also features detailed two-color maps, a sewn-in bookmark and a two-color silk-screened cloth cover. the original print-run of 1,500 copies has been sold out for more than a year. however, demand has remained high and luckily a kickstarter project has been launched by designer + co-author craig mod to reprint it. so get your copy and click [here]. by pre-ordering, the money raised will fund the extended hardcover print run and also an ipad edition with additional content. if the minimum usd 15,000 in pre-order pledges hasn't been reached by may 1, the project doesn't happen and you won't be charged.

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