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in a previous post we talked about 88books, a vancouver-based independent publisher which is specialized in books by emerging and lesser-known artists from china. it's committed to represent new voices and provides flexibility and freedom of expression to participating artists, and aims to foster the production of artist’s books, a relatively new concept in the people's republic. 88books have just released six issues of new books by six photo-based artists. each issue comes in an edition of only 120 copies, all printed and hand-bound in canada. the six new publications are: advanced individuals by ren shulin, featuring shots taken at a machinery foundry in 1977 and documenting the very existence in the post-cultural revolution days; li kejun's the good earth, a book inspired by the traditional cartoon characters representing happiness, it pays respects to the happy-go-luck country folks who have paved the road for china's massive urbanization and economic development; rust of time by liu waitong, a blurred yet intriguing study of childhood memories through the deteriorating photographic images, taken from the artist’s family album; lu yanpeng's memory of stones, a visual tale of the mythical bird of heaven and earth; zhao lei's rock songs, a collection of photographs and drawings that not only depict the artist's observation, recollection and fantasy of childhood, but also scrutinizes the new generation under the china’s strict single-child policy, and last but not least street fighters by wu chenghuan, a book in which he confronts the passers-by in the bustling streets of beijing with his lens, and resulting a series of brutal yet honest portraits of individuals in the midst of their everyday lives. click [here] to view a series of related interviews with various chinese artists.

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