online: 6215 stone island s/s 2015 flowing camo

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one of the highlights of stone island's supernifty s/s 2015 collection is a range of items adorned with the flowing camo motif, a newly designed print that takes cues from a camo print used by the indonesian military in the 1960s. each of the garments is executed in so-called raso gommato, an innovative rubberised cotton satin, bonded with a transparent wind and water cover using the exclusive reverse colour process technique. say what? well, with this technique the transparent cover is bonded to the black satin which is as well black printed with the a ‘liquid’ vertical motif. in the next step the finished garment is faded and then over dyed for unparalleled shaded print effects, resisting print areas and residual colour deposits, unique to each single item. check out the video below to explore these hi-tech trophies up close.