nicosia: uncovered

4 october 2011 by superfuture

© caption test 4

superfuture loves travel and we’ve developed this ardent fetish for airports along the way, from domestic and exotic to international megahub and even ones of the derelict kind. and it’s in the latter category that nicosia airport has been stuck for almost four decades. yes, international politics have everything to do with it. the airport’s odd limbo situation is the result of the turkish invasion of cyprus in 1974 and in response to a military junta-backed coup on the island nation by neighbouring greece. almost a decade after the invasion, the turkish republic of northern cyprus, occupying the northern part of cyprus, declared its independence and the partition of the island remains unsolved to this day. a united nations buffer zone runs across the island and right through the heart of nicosia, making it the only divided capital on the planet. in 2010 cypriot artist vicky pericleous launched uncovered, an idea for an artistic intervention at nicosia airport as a proposal parallel to the peace negotiations process. the longtime abandoned airport is situated inside the buffer zone and is off limits for the local population, representing a spatial lapse and a puzzling episode of total invisibility. once the country’s main air travel hub, it’s now empty and protected from view and its importance exists only in the islanders’ childhood memories. the uncovered project aims to convert the physical texture and theoretical input of the airport into meeting grounds for creatives and cultural entities from across the divided island during a critical time in the peace process, but is also open to contributions and collabs from abroad. uncovered is a three-year research endeavour, divided in two phases. the first phase recently launched with a panel discussion, accompanying publications and an exhibition of eight commissioned of projects by greek cypriots and turkish cypriots, including özge ertanın and oya silberygörkem müniroğlu and emre yazginvicky pericleous,erhan ozeandreas savvazehra sonia and gürgenc kormazel [on through oct 23]. exhibition location: odos lidras / lokmacı caddesi [u.n. buffer zone].