new york: you are here

© new york art department / work by #beentrill#

new york art department and pointer team up for an edgy group showcase that opens at the hole in new york city on fri - oct 11 [6pm-9pm / click here for access]. the exhibition is titled you are here and presents a diverse range of works by ten artists from various movements of new media art. inspired by the volatility - or dynamics, if you will - of the field, the exhibition's underlying theme is sheer randomness. it's more sensibility than sense, more reblogged than curated. as such, the show is very much informed by likes and unpredictably distracted web-browsing histories of never ending hyperlinked and meta-tagged content. as a result, the artworks brought together don't follow a concise aesthetic agenda, but instead capitalize on randomness and/or imperfection to create their works of art.

some artists inject errors into precision tools and systems to create unpredictable results, while others use precise code and high-tech apps to create chaos, or use technological imperfections to communicate ideas. the bottom line is that the artworks are a cross-section of contemporray internet culture and the impact of technology on the type of art we consume and how we consume it. the participating artists include #beentrill#, jacob ciocci, trudy benson, big egypt 2020 and kathy grayson. the opening party features dj sets by roofeeo and big egypt 2020, and complimentary cocktails by sailor jerry. location: 312 bowery [noho].

© new york art department / works by trudy benson, image courtesy horton gallery [top] and jacob ciocci [bottom]