new york: whatever’s in me is whatever’s in you

© agnès b. / photography: chad moore – hanna (floor)

currently based in new york city, photographic artist chad moore [1987] has exhibited at prestigious venues around the planet, in addition to publishing four books. in all his work, moore is portraying emotions – the beauty of our thoughts, our feels, our desires, our intuition. throughout his work, one can get a sense of who he is as a person, and how he uses the camera, reflecting his multifaceted artistic development. moore's latest showcase, elaborately entitled whatever’s in me is whatever’s in you, and his first ever in the city, is held at the agnès b. galerie boutique in soho. on display at the exhibition are 24 colour chromogenic prints in various sizes, all taken in the period 2011 to 2017. additionally, a 78-page book of 100 photographs has been released at last week's opening, and served as a giveaway at the opening [open through jul 30]. location: 50 howard street [soho].

© agnès b. / photography: chad moore – sarah (pregnant) and anna (ocean)