new york: we are all just ordinary until we get more damage done

© brian leo - google bore [acrylic on canvas - 2012]

opening thu - apr 5 [7pm-9pm] at kesting/ray is we are all just ordinary until we get more damage done, a solo exhibition by artist brian leo. on display are a series of new paintings inspired by media headlines, internet memes and social trends. from our indifferent acceptance of unethical corporate policies to our jaded attitude toward alarming but news-friendly psycho-social behavior, our daily life experience has become saturated with an atmosphere of weary disenchantment. these are the focal points of leo’s attention. these works may initially look frivolous and witty, but at second glance present the story of a culture crushed under the weight of self-destruction. location: 30 grand street [soho].

© brian leo - captain [acrylic on canvas - 2012]