new york: vostok 3ka-2

this is the most fascinating sale we've come across in quite a while. we're talking the auction of a russian vostok 3ka-2 space capsule at sotheby's on tue - apr 12 [2pm]. it's one of three models produced for yuri gagarin's historic space flight. the capsule's spherical cabin measures 2.5 meters in diameter and is made of aluminium alloy. a few weeks before gagarin's mission, in a final test flight, the capsule carried a life-size cosmonaut dummy and a cute dog named zvezdochka. the capsule completed one orbit, re-entered the planet's atmosphere and landed in a snow-filled gully in northern russia. the interior of the capsule originally contained nearly 1,800 pounds of instrumentation, consisting of some 6,000 transistors, 56 electrical motors, and 800 relays and switches, but in 1967 it was stripped as a security measure. the vostok 3ka-2 space capsule is estimated to sell between usd 2 million and usd 10 million. so you got money to burn? then click [here] to place your bid. auction location: 1334 york avenue [upper east north]. photo: the vostok 3ka-2 on display