new york: voir dire

© johannes vogt / cyril duval - baby, baby, baby oooh, like baby, baby, baby nooo [2014]

new york-based conceptual artist cyril duval a.k.a. item idem has landed his first solo exhibition in his adopted hometown since relocating there from tokyo. known for works and collabs that straddle art, fashion and media, duval continuously delves into today's visual culture, or rather the blatant side of consumerism, finding gems he regularly literally incorporates in his often flamboyant works. opening sat - sep 13 at johannes vogt gallery in chelsea is voir dire, an exhibition of new works which is centered is a presentation of new works centered around duvalʼs fascination with the visual tropes of late capitalism, and his quirky embrace of their inherent promises and failures. on display are a series of wall works created from détourned cross-stitch patterns of popular disney princesses in dyed bamboo artist frames. in another body of work, the artist created support structures of heavily branded cereal boxes and acrylic panels, and which hold a motley collection of altered and found objects. the gallery's back room is dedicated to the premiere large-scale screening of joss, a video that duval has made in collab with chinese artist cheng ran. location: 526 west 26th street, suite 205 [chelsea].

© johannes vogt / cyril duval - portrait of mussolini as prometheus [2014], the sum of all fears [2014] and exhibition setting