new york: unpacking the cube

© chamber / photography: guang xu

let's call it starchitectural experimentation. what exactly? the current showcase at chamber gallery in new york city. founded in 2014 by juan garcia mosqueda, the gallery ambitiously aims to be a leading platform for design in all its forms, and the current exhibition, entitled unpacking the cube, certainly adds up to the venue's growing reputation. andrew zuckerman, curator of collection #2 human | nature in collab with chamber, approached leading architecture new york-based practices leong leong, steven holl architects and levenbetts, to define and express their own d.n.a. through physical objects that have been especially created for the exhibition.

interestingly, the results of the inquiries of each practice approach the idea of fundamentals from different perspectives, focusing on social exchange, spatial concerns, and conceptual experimentation. in distinct ways, their proposals depart from and adapt the essential form of the cube, and propose different answers to the question of whether and how it's possible to collect architecture. to brothers chris and dominic leong of leong leong, their collection of nine objects that they present are an exploration of architecture's potential to connect the individual to the collective.

the designs of levenbetts architects stella betts and david leven are based on a hollow wedge-shaped building block, and represents a concept that's derived from their inquiry into strategies of aggregation, keen interest in prioritizing access to light, and an outside view when shaping physical spaces. last but not least, there's the presentation of steven holl architects, comprising of concrete, aluminum, walnut, and 3-d printed objets d’art. these objects have been developed as part of the practice's architecture think tank/lab explorations of in, and are the result of an investigation into what's possible in architecture.

the common thread of this exhibition's three distinct presentations is an abstract one, generating both answers and questions about the connections between our abstract understanding of space and form, and the practical ways in which people today inhabit and interact with architecture [on through mar 5]. location: 515 west 23rd street [chelsea].

© chamber / photography: guang xu