new york: uneven growth

© map office - oyster farm in the shadows of tin shui wai new town, hong kong [2014]

it's estimated that by 2030 the planet's population will have reached eight billion people, and two-thirds will be living in cities. unfortunately, it's also expected that not every urbanite will be able to make a decent living. in fact, most will be downright poor. with limited resources, this uneven growth is going to be one of the greatest challenges worldwide. in order to tackle this doom scenario head on, city authorities, urban planners, designers, economists, and many others will have to join forces to ensure that many of these fast-growing urban hubs remain habitable, and thus functional. the latest exhibition in moma’s issues in contemporary architecture series is uneven growth. the show brings together six interdisciplinary teams of researchers and practitioners to examine new architectural possibilities for six sprawling global cities: hong kong, istanbul, lagos, mumbai, new york and rio de janeiro. and similarly to the series' previous editions, each team will develop proposals for a specific city in a series of workshops that occur over the course of a 14-month initiative [on through may 10]. location: moma, 11 west 53rd street [midtown].

© situ studio + cohabitation strategies - the other new york - axonometric view [2014]