new york: tropic glows

© nick thomm

a little while ago australian artist nick thomm relocated to new york city, and he'll launch his first solo exhibition there on thu - nov 6 [7pm]. entitled tropic glows, his showcase occupies a two-storey space and presents a new body of works. the ground floor serves a traditional gallery space while the basement section presents an immersive art experience with 3d projections and a matching soundscape. thomm is known for an eclectic style that fully embraces new media, and what's presented here won't disappoint his fast-growing fanbase. the tropic glows show displays is a collection of large scale, mixed media works on transparent perspex, kaleidoscopic neon silk flags, holographic skate decks and a series of new 3d video works. technically sophisticated in their execution, thomm’s artworks take their visual cues from popular culture, challenging traditional notions of collage by deconstructing, manipulating and reassembling imagery for the internet age. not surprisingly, the artist's creative output is both a comment on, and reflection of a generation that has lived their entire lives hyper-connected and online. location: 98 orchard street [lower east].