new york: treasure & bond store opening

© treasure & bond - nordstrom's innovative charity store in new york city hailing from seattle, department store nordstrom finally arrives in new york after many years of pondering, and in an interesting contemporary format that's light years away from the high-end retail game it's used to play. opening today in soho is treasure & bond, a philanthropy retail concept to which, believe it or not, even vogue's anna wintour contributed. what's remarkable is that treasure & bond plans to donate 100% of its profits to non-profit organizations benefitting children of new york city, and it has already selected eight beneficiaries for the first year of operations. so, what's in store? there'll be a tightly curated selection of accessories, artwork, books, furniture, jewellery, men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel and stationery from across the planet with a specific story, and that'll appeal to a variety of tastes, interests and budgets. some of these goods are even exclusive to the u.s. and only available here. happy shopping! location: 350 west broadway [soho].
© treasure & bond - shopping for a good cause