new york: tom still hung fire.

© agnès b. / jared buckhiester – how is a body to know what's coming? [2018]

artist jared buckhiester graduated in sculpture from bard college and received a degree in photography from new york city's pratt institute. since then, buckhiester has exhibited at a string of leading galleries across the planet, and his latest showcase is currently held at the agnès b. galerie boutique in soho. the solo exhibition, entitled tom still hung fire., is the artist's very first at the venue, featuring new drawings and sculptures. the presentation is a soup of symbolic fragments, which coalesce in a series of implications. Utilizing the policeman and pocket knife as formal starting points, buckhiester deploys fragmentation and a tender rendering to revise heavily gendered representations into something far less sure-footed and sturdy. in the sculpture rope boot field, a block of oak stacks atop a base of red brick clay dug from the bottom of an abandoned clay pit. resting on the block is a figurative clay fragment, and atop that is another block holding a long, slender slab-like blade.

brass armature keeps this teetering structure together, forming a loose impression of a pocket knife. this is a game of objectified desire, like a tom of finland playmate. the drawings in this show are a continuation of buckhiester’s nuanced work in ink and watercolor. a combination of clear narrative representation and collaged fragments provides an emotional backdrop for the sculptures. the handling of representation is varied, ranging from the precisely rendered blade of a bowie knife to a bleeding and soft blue field holding the negative space of chain link. the combination of drawing and sculpture beckons an emotive response which floats among playful connections of costume, gender, gesture, and grief. a complicated interior breaks the surface, creating a complexity that is always present when considering such difficult subjects as sexuality, history and country [on through mar 31]. location: agnès b. galerie boutique, 50 howard street [soho].

© agnès b. / jared buckhiester – rope boot field [2018]