new york: the standard hotel x salman rushdie

new york's hipster standard hotel goes old school in a remarkable collab with none other than booker prize winner salman rushdie. so what's the deal? coinciding with the pen world voices festival held at the hotel and other venues in town on apr 25 - may 1, the renowned novelist has been asked to curate a reading list. so, from today hotel guests can find a vintage copy from rushdie's list in their room. books on the list include classics such as joseph heller's catch 22 [1961], phillip roth's portnoy's complaint [1969] and kurt vonnegut's slaughterhouse-five [1969]. the books have been donated by thrift store chain housing works. location: 848 washington street [west village].
photo: cover of joseph heller's catch 22, one of the books selected by salman rushdie