new york: the standard east village hotel renewal

© the standard / photography: thomas loof

leave it up to hotelier andré balazs to come up with a hospitality venue that ticks all your boxes, and has sex appeal too. known as the man behind the standard, a boutique hotel chain with a bi-coastal presence, he set out to create it as a the preferred hospitality concept for those in search of uncompromised luxury with a unique urban thrill factor. already operating a property in new york city but seeing room for expansion, balazs purchased the cooper square hotel in 2012 and after a thorough renovation that kept the place under wraps for two years, the hotel has reached the final stage of its highly anticipated transformation into the standard east village.

a few significant tweaks have been implemented that shift the focal point away from the property's soaring tower of glass and steel, while adding a homey touch to the standard east village experience. the property has been designed in part by interior designer shawn hausman. guests now enter the hotel through a renovated townhouse on bowery before going up to any of its 145 guest rooms and suites. lodgings come in an wide range of categories, but all provide the high level of comfort and amenities the standard has become known for. and needless to say that while you're high up in that tower, you'll enjoy sweeping views of new york's famed skyline. but let's go back downstairs to the lobby, shall we?

right next door café standard has opened its doors. it's a buzzing meeting place where guests and neighbourhood dwellers rub shoulders for some jolly banter over drinks, bites and, when something more substantial is required, a variety of copious dishes in the great tradition of american cuisine. and speaking of food: a stone's throw away, savvy mister balazs has also opened narcissa, a gourmet restaurant where acclaimed chef john fraser presents a seasonal farm-to-table menu. and it's already is a hit with the city's refined palates. what's more? an expansive garden will open on east 4th street coming spring, acting as a lush urban oasis for outdoor lounging. it'll even have a pétanque court - mais bien sûr! - and a street-cred fountain designed by urban artist chris johanson. location: 25 cooper square [east village].

© the standard / photography: thomas loof + chris mosier