new york: the snap cardigan exhibition 1986-2014

© agnès b. / photo: dominique issermann [1986]

leave it up to agnès b. when in need of stylish garment that stands the test of time. the french fashion designer first created the snap cardigan - a signature design that she initially made for herself - in 1979 at her boutique in paris. it was originally a unisex piece and quickly gained huge popularity for its timeless chic and versatile style. this specific garment has pretty much become emblematic of the agnès b. style: a dynamic fashion sense that's easily adaptable to any personality and any occasion.

in 1986, during the mois de la photo, designer agnès b. invited a number of photographers to create an image using her iconic snap cardigan. those who took up the challenge created a personal vision of this iconic piece. the photographs were eventually exhibited at agnès b.'s galerie du jour in the french capital. seventy other renowned photographers were included in the exhibition when their photos were shown as part of an exhibition at centre pompidou in 1996. and now, almost two decades later, these photographs will be showcased in new york city.

an exhibition entitled the snap cardigan exhibition 1986-2014 will open on fri - feb 14 [6pm-8pm] at the agnès b. galerie boutique [1] in soho, featuring an abundance of photographs from the previous shows, mixed and matched with new work by yet more photo talents. the list of photographers is a who's who in fashion and portrait photography, and includes the likes of max vadukul, sakiko nomura, william klein, wai kit lam, jeanloup sieff and peter lindbergh. mind you, this exhibition is a pan-manhattan affair as it also includes satellite presentations at the agnès b. boutiques in noho [2] and in the upper east side [3]. location [1]: 50 howard street [soho]. location [2]: 13 east 16th street [noho]. location [3]: 1063 madison avenue [upper east].

© agnès b. / photos: jean-baptiste mondino and max vadukul [top to bottom]