new york: the out nyc hotel opening

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new york city has its fair share of hotels that caters to a gay demographic, but the out nyc - yes indeed, what's in a name? - steps up the gay hospitality game by introducing a full-fledged urban resort in hell's kitchen, an epicentre of gay life. phase one, featuring the massive xl nightclub, cabaret and lounge, opened earlier this year. run by john blair, beto sutter and brandon voss, three fixtures in the city's nightlife, it's the first gay dance club to open in 15 years. and now the out nyc, featuring 105 guest rooms and suites, has been added. the sleek hotel lobby sets the tone, and this coolminimalism is also evident in the rooms where it's matched with a set of amenities the modern traveler, gay or straight, can't do without. these include quality bed linens, wireless internet access, and a touch-screen tv entertainment system that also allows you to order room service at the same time. the out nyc aims to pamper and please, and as such it features a matching set of facilities and services. the building is centered on three courtyards, and one accommodates a 5,000 sq.ft. wellness center.

below an expansive glass-covered atrium you'll find a spa, deck, gym, and last but not least a 15-foot waterfall that form a soothing oasis away from the city. and to show off their toned and rejuvenated self, guests have three options. there's the sun deck with a glass reflecting pool and water room enclosed by cascading curtains of rain. the secret garden is a secluded, quiet spot where to work or read at long sturdy tables. and last but not least there's the great lawn, the out nyc's very own central park. spacious, outdoors and with beanbag chairs readily at hand to sit back and relax, this area isn't only suitable for outdoor activities but also perfect for weddings and cocktail parties. and because good times have a prerequisite culinary element, there's ktchn. helmed by the peeps behind eatery nyc, it's an informal place where to indulge in tasty new american classics, be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night dining. and although the out nyc is conceptualized with like-minded boys in mind, it's obviously as straight-friendly as can be. location: 510 west 42nd street [midtown].

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