new york: the forty-deuce

© powerhouse books - cover of the forty-deuce

if you're in new york city, check out today's official opening [7pm-9pm] of powerhouse books' photo exhibition the forty-deuce and the release party of an eponymous book by its curators and editors hilton ariel ruiz and beatriz ruiz. the exhibition and the book feature a series of gritty, glam and old school new york photographs from the early 1980s of times square by australian photographer bill butterworth,  and well before the area's rigorous disneyfication process initiated by mayor rudy giuliani. butterworth's photos brilliantly capture the street life and street style of the era, but also draw you deeper into the world of peep shows, sex shops, backroom brothels, dimly lit arcades, and low-budget theatres. very much in the tradition of documentary photographer jamel shabazz's classic back in the days, the forty-deuce showcases the early 1980s style of new york's first b-boys, out on the town and dressed to impress, but it adds some sin to the mix, with its own pimps, hustlers, and the spandex and leather-clad prostitutes, strippers, and trannies that worked 42nd street nightly, and defined it for years [on through jul 1]. to order your copy of the book, click [here]. location: powerhouse arena, 37 main street [dumbo].

© powerhouse books - photos from the forty-deuce by bill butterworth