new york: the carpet kartell

© equator production + henzel studio / photography: daniel trese

founded last december by equator production, a new york-based company specialized in producing artist-designed carpets, and swedish rug manufacturer henzel studio, the carpet kartell is a new collab that blurs the lines between fine art, decorative arts, craft and interior design, creating innovative ways to create and showcase artist-designed rugs to a relevant audience. currently held at tanja grunert gallery in new york city is the inaugural exhibition of the two entities. it's an interesting initiative as the art market generally is very protective about its business model, but these artist-designed carpets provide a curated group of artists a new channel for artistic exposure.

either hung on the wall or displayed on the floor, the chosen context remains as subjective as the question of applied versus fine art. the highlights offered by henzel studio include a new collection of carpets designed in collaboration with the andy warhol foundation for the visual arts that expose the master's most obscure works, while paying homage to marilyn monroe, his most iconic subject. highlights pitched in by equator production include nine carpets designed by contemporary artists alan belcher, joseph kosuth, julião sarmento, heimo zobernig, liam gillick, emilia and ilya kabakov, jonathan monk, emilio prini and ken lum [on through may 31]. location: tanja grunert, 524 west 19th street [chelsea].

© equator production + henzel studio / photography: daniel trese