new york: the american president

running up to the presidential elections next november things are heating up in the u.s., and today's media circus has more than ever shaped and twisted america's political arena. serving as a visual reminder of what happened on the political front in past decades, is an interesting exhiition that's currently on at the federal hall national memorial in new york. called the american president, it features 80 compelling news photos from the vast archive of news agency the associated press that display various american presidents at war and at ease, in victory and in defeat, confronting national crises and facing personal scandals, running for office and leading the country on the world stage. this show features award-winning images, and aims to illustrate one constant in the ever-shifting media landscape: the coverage of the white house [on through dec 31]. location: 26 wall street [financial district].

© the associated press / photography: j. scott applewhite - president-elect barack obama is welcomed by president george w. bush at the white house with former presidents george h. w. bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter [january 2009]