new york: tørst bar opening

© tørst / photography: bryan k. levin - a bar like no other

williamsburg's rapid gentrification may be lamented by its original community of young artists and assorted bohemians, but the arrival of more affluent households from accross the east river and even further afield has also spawned a new and exciting retail and hospitality infrastucture that's second to none and continues to expand. the area's widely acknowledged coolness peaks near the iconic williamsburg bridge but is gradually spreading out east and north, and it's in the latter direction where tørst - which means thirst in danish - has recently opened its doors. the new watering hole is a cool project by acclaimed chef daniel burns - of momofuku and noma fame - and personal friend jeppe jarnit-bjergsø of denmark’s evil twin brewing.

it boasts a cool interior conceptualized in collab with new york-based design practice home that matches oak, reclaimed woods and sleek white marble countertops that run the length of the space. mind you, the bar has a custom-built draft system with 21 different taps. dubbed the flux capacitor, this ingenious brass-accentuated system alters variables such as temperature and pressure for each individual pour. a series of carefully sourced furnishings adorn the establishment. a series of mid-century style vintage chairs tucked underneath the small wooden tabletops were originally crafted by the danish furniture designer børge mogensen, and an antique danish street lamp in the corner further heightens tørst's authentic danish vibe.

the meticulous attention to detail even extends to the bathrooms where works by artist eske kath and graphic designer karl grandin are showcased. but that's not all, peeps. in the months following the opening, tørst will also see the addition of a 26-seat restaurant tucked behind the bar called luksus. whereas the bar serves beers from the aforementioned danish brewery and a variety of beers exclusively made by renowned breweries, the restaurant menu will be all about a tasting menu-only dining experience, featuring food that combines seasonal north american ingredients with the flavours and techniques of scandinavia. as you can imagine, it's places like tørst that add up to williamsburg's inimitable coolness. location: 615 manhattan avenue [williamsburg north].

© tørst / photography: bryan k. levin - home of superior beers