new york: sprz ny store opening

© uniqlo

already a fashion force to be reckoned with in the new york city area, uniqlo continues to innovate and indulge shoppers with appealing new merchandise and retail concepts. the japanese retailer's latest move is the launch of sprz ny, a shop-in-shop at the uniqlo flagship store in midtown on fri - mar 28. it will carry a special line of art-infused men's and women's apparel, dubbed the lucky uniqlo line, such as t-shirts, outerwear and other must-have items, and it's presented in a specially designed artsy setting that reflects the playfulness of this collection. mind you, the sprz ny shop-in-shop even features a full-fledged starbucks coffeehouse where to recharge while power shopping! leading up to next week's opening, uniqlo has launched the lucky uniqlo line contest with cool prizes and access to the sprz ny opening party. the true shopaholics that we are, we're pretty stoked to see what it's like there! meanwhile, view the video below for an artsy introduction. location: uniqlo, 666 fifth avenue, second floor [midtown].