new york: something beautiful

© marianne boesky gallery / roe ethridge - hillary kaleidoscope [2013] - c-print

nicolas wagner and khary simon are the chief editors of crushfanzine, an edgy art and culture publication inspired by obsession. the quirky duo have curated something beautiful, a rather intriguing exhibition at marianne boesky gallery which uses contemporary photographic portraiture to examine the ideals of youth as a product of memory and the wisdom of hindsight. yes, there's some food for thought for you. the works on display seemingly present a composition based on aesthetics, but in fact aim to reflect that universal timeline from childhood to adulthood. know for her empathetic portrayals of youth, the work of photographer sue de beer is taken as the point of departure, and gradually continues onwards to elaborate on a variety of aspects, such as memory, experience, beauty, and voyeurism, through the work of other artists. collectively the works conjure up a sense of self and introspection being faced with a trajectory that's both universal and irreversible. other participating artists include viviane sassen, keith edmier, roe ethridge, wu tsang and deana lawson [on through dec 20]. location: 118 east 64th street [upper east].

© marianne boesky gallery / sue de beer - untitled [2013] - c-print