new york: small business

© felix oberhage - artist christine hill at her store

opening on sat - nov 17 [6pm-8pm] at ronald feldman fine arts is the small business installation by christine hill. the artist blurs, and mocks distinctions drawn between art and business, and offers a laid-back - and dare we say, witty? -  model of art-as-business. the installation is the stateside branch of sorts of hill's storefront workspace in berlin and the latest iteration of her long-running proprietorship of volksboutique, a production label that she founded back in 1996. the small business exhibition represents the day-to-day activity of the artist's entrepreneurial exchanges and features a scaled-up kaufladen, or model store, based on the popular german children's role-playing toy of the same name. it's also very much an ongoing study of the structure, ethics, and behaviors of small business enterprise, featuring a custom inventory arranged and labeled with detailed taxonomies and assigned meanings and priority, forming a three-dimensional glossary of better-business practice. on display is a shop counter complete with cash register and shipping scale that delineates the wall between audience and shopkeeper. however, gallery visitors are invited to enter the set-up, and play the role of proprietor, and pose for snapshots. the showcase is accompanied by a collection of carefully labeled and displayed shop-related sample boards, advertisements, and other paraphernalia. location: 31 mercer street [soho].

© felix oberhage - a cutesy mini-grocery