new york: simulacrum

© agnès b. / abdelkader benchamma - untitled

abdelkader benchamma is a french-algerian artist based in paris and montpellier. a graduate from the école national supérieure des beaux arts in the french capital, his current practice links drawing, writing and installation. benchammma's drawings are thought out like a story expanding from his visual work, and they border various techniques, from design to graphics, through comics and animation works. already an established artist. he has participated in several prestigious exhibitions. currently on at the agnès b. galerie boutique in new york city is simulacrum, the artist's first ever exhibition stateside.

on this occasion benchamma has create a wall drawing and presents a series of recent drawings. entitled rorschach in marble, these works are inspired by marble slabs normally found in churches. the infamous 'rorschach tests' appeal to the title of the exhibition, while 'simulacrum' comes from the uncanny book a plan for escape [1945] by writer alfonso bioy casares, featuring carefully camouflaged islands, scenarios set within a paranoid and stressful atmosphere [on through jun 14]. mind you, in march of next year benchamma will be having his next show in town at the drawing center. location: 50 howard street [soho].

© agnès b. / abdelkader benchamma - marble framed