new york: scene, hold, ballast

© david maljkovic + metro pictures - temporary projections [2011]

opening sun - jan 15 [5pm-7pm] at sculpturecenter is scene, hold, ballast, an exhibition with artists david maljković and lucy skaer. both share an engagement with sculpture, film, and distinct approaches to exhibition design. the show is conceived as a dialogue, and features new works by maljkovic and skaer - commissioned through sculpturecenter's artist in residence program - hat further explore affinities and correspondences in their respective practices. 

In an ongoing series temporary projections cycle, david maljković's retrospective mode of tracing and negotiation is turned toward his own studio practice, its history, and imagined futures, including new works in film, painting, and sculpture. lucy skaer continues her transformation of existing artifacts and architecture with a new 35mm film, a photographic series and related sculptures. location: 44-19 purves street [long island city].

© lucy skaer + murray guy - the good ship blank and ballast [after brancusi] installed at kunstsammlung 21, düsseldorf [2010]