new york + san francisco: sexih07

tuff it up! we're talking the third self edge x iron heart collab which has been in the making for over a year! the amazing result is the sexih07, a jean designed with a tuff edge designed by diesel. made from heavyweight unsanforized denim, it's as comfortable as it's heavy-duty proof. and then there's also the sexih07bk, a superstylish black version! this model has been overdyed black with a fugitive pigment dye, an unstable and unpermanent dye that fades to later show the indigo denim underneath. essentially this is a denim that begins black and fades to indigo in high friction areas, or what the japanese call the 'atari fade'. both models will be launched at the self edge flagship stores on sat - dec 5 [noon / local time]. new york location: 157 orchard street [lower east]. san francisco location: 714 valencia street [mission north]. © self edge