new york: salvor projects store opening

© salvor projects - futuristic shopping after working on a series of projects under the guise of salvor that included collabs with leading stores and creatives such as dover street market, björk and mariko mori, designer ross menuez enters the retail arena with salvor projects. designed with partner nick dine, the interior is one single volume of hand-carved monolithic gray mdf, forming the perfect deep monotone backdrop to absorb and radiate the intense graphics, and colors of the new salvor prints. to inaugurate the new space, salvor developed a new range of mega-duty bags, as well as knife-scraped 12 oz. denim for men and women. these new designs are all hand finished, using the famous cone mills denim. the new salvor projects store opens today. check it out! location: 172 forsyth street [lower east].
© salvor projects - gray is the new black