new york: pig and khao restaurant opening

© pig and khao - a new asian food have on the lower east side

pig and khao is a new gourmet haven that has settled in the heart of new york's lower east side, and one that caters to those in search of authentic asian flavours. part of the fatty crew hospitality group which already operates three other popular eateries in new york city and on the sunny caribbean island of st. john, their latest venture is a new take on southeast asian cuisine in cosy but funky setting. pig and khao's contemporary interior may incorporate typical elements from asian design and is paired with inherently industrial highlights such as exposed brick walls, raw mosaic tiles and copper metallic ceilings. an expansive basil green wall adds vibrancy to the space, and a hand carved filipino bike that hangs above the dining room and treasured photographs from chef leah cohen's travels throughout the far east give the decorum a decidedly contemporary twist. a stretched row of tables provides a collaborative experience in the main dining room, alongside the chef’s bar where leah cooks her signature dishes nightly. in the back yard a tranquil and secluded patio is availabe, spiced up in the lively colours and imagery of the filipino flag through an imaginative installation from celebrated artist shaun acton.

the setting here is one of picnic-style communal tables under rustic ivy-covered trellises that offer a relaxing neighbourhood hangout pretty much all year round. pig and khao's menu lists a series of shared plates that homage to traditional southeast asian dishes, such as pork and rice, infused with filipino and thai flavours. pork is the star ingredient here, and is included in standout dishes such as crispy pata pork shank served with pickled mango salad, cooked in soy sauce and five spice and garnished with coriander, sizzling sisig with pork head, liver, chili and a whole egg, and grilled pork jowl and watermelon salad with chili lime fish sauce, shallot, chicharon, herbs and toasted rice. but obviously, there are plenty of other tasty options. foodwise pig and khao very much is the closest thing to southeast asia this side of the hudson river. oh, and one more thing. pig and khao doesn't take reservations, just drop by and give in to your craving! location: 68 clinton street [lower east].

© pig and khao - authentic asian food in a funky setting