new york + paris: project no. 8 pop-up store

© uli holtz / owners brian janusiak and elizabeth beer at the project no. 8 pop-up store in tribeca directional new york style hub project no. 8 spawned yet another store, this time a pop-up a few blocks west in tribeca. the area is a fav of owners brian janusiak and elizabeth beer, and when they heard of this space being available, they didn't have to think twice. this satellite space allows the fashion-savvy duo to do a series of mini shows, featuring several designers at a time. selected designers for the opening include jean colonna, natalia brilli, boudicca, christian wijnants, all pretty hard to find in the city, and their very own various projects line. and, as if to keep shoppers mesmerized, the store interior will change with each installation [opening hours: wed-sun 12pm-7pm]. project no. 8's next pop-up is already in the making and will open at brachfeld gallery in paris on wed - nov 24 [7pm-10pm]. new york pop-up location: 186 duane street [tribeca]. paris pop-up location: 78 rue des archives [marais].
© project no. 8