new york: becoming robot

© asia society / john bigelow taylor - 10 wooden tv cabinets, 1 radio cabinet, 1 korean printing block, 1 korean book [2007]

asia society's expertise is multi-faceted, and not surprisingly also includes contemporary art by leading asian artists. opening today at its headquarters in new york city is an exhibition dedicated to nam june paik [1932-2006], the american-korean artist who's generally considered the founder of video art. the nam june paik - becoming robot show is the first major presentation of the artist in town in more than a decade, and explores his visionary use of new technologies, and the lasting impact his contributions have had on the development and appreciation of new media art. the show highlights paik’s lifelong interest in humanizing technology and his prescient view of how technological innovations would become an integral aspect of our daily lives. on display are a number of artworks that have rarely been exhibited or never before shown stateside, in addition to drawings and sculptures from nam june paik's estate and objects and ephemera on loan from the newly formed nam june paik archive. the exhibition focuses on three areas of the artist’s career: paik’s artistic and working methods with an emphasis on his process, his philosophy toward technology, and the intersection of technology and culture [on through jan 4]. location: asia society, 725 park avenue [upper east].

© electronic arts intermix - still from good morning mr orwell [1984] and friedrich rosenstiel - paik sitting in tv chair [1968/1976]