new york: murals & portraits

it's the final week of murals & portraits, a magnificent show of richard avedon's legendary photographic murals and related portraits at the gagosian gallery in new york. by the late 1960s, avedon had worked for more than two decades as a professional fashion photographer. his depictions of couture changed fashion in magazines and his commanding portraits of public figures were among the most venerated in the world. avedon's reportage, which he had made since the late 1940s and which included italian and new york street scenes, had expanded to address cultural touchstones such as the american civil rights movement and the inhabitants of a mental institution in louisiana. against the backdrop of america's social and political transformation, avedon began to create four photographic murals between 1969 and 1971, which would be unprecedented in scale and pointed in subject. the murals, comprising up to five panels, revealed a striking new format in which subjects were positioned frontally and aligned against a stark white background [on through jul 27]. location: 522 west 21st street [chelsea].

© richard avedon foundation - andy warhol and members of the factory [1969]