new york: man made

© sotheby's / jean-michel basquiat - punch bag [1983] - acrylic and oilstick on linen

the late jean-michel basquiat's talent has a magnitude that transcends time and still resonates with art aficionados and art collectors today. currently on at the s|2 gallery at the sotheby's office in new york is man made, a selling exhibition of the artist's works from 1979 to 1987. on display are more than 30 gems, from simple works on paper in marker and crayon to monumental and highly-finished canvases. these works also explore key themes that basquiat dealt with during his career and the variety of media he used to express them. one of the show's highlights is punch bag, a canvas which depicts a black boxer, one of the most iconic images associated with the artist’s work. it was painted in 1983 in st. moritz, switzerland at art dealer bruno bischofberger’s home in the first year they began working together.

the painting has been in a european collector’s home since it was purchased in the late 1990s. another one is love dub for a, a painting that was completed in 1987, basquiat's last year of painting and the year before he died. it's a fully developed, bright and fresh painting, also monumental in scale and has never been at auction before. the show is held at a key moment of appreciation for both the artist’s career and market with major museum exhibitions and gallery shows presented and record prices achieved in recent years [on through jun 9]. location: 1334 york avenue [upper east north].

© sotheby's / jean-michel basquiat - love dub for a [1987] - acrylic and oilstick on canvas