new york: malick sidibé

celebrating its one-year anniversary, the agnès b. galerie boutique stages a photo exhibition by the great malick sidibé. born in mali, sidibé graduated in design and jewellery from the école des artisans soudanais in the capital bamako, but later started studying photography and opened his own photo studio there. designer agnès b. met the photographer in 1995 at his exhibition at the fondation cartier in paris, and a longstanding friendship was formed that led to the designer representing sidibé at her art venue galerie du jour. the show opens sat - apr 14 [6pm-9pm] and features a selection of the master’s compelling street and nightlife images from the 1960s and 1970s. he brilliantly documented the exuberant social and cultural scene of the time when stylish young people were learning the new dances from europe and cuba, experimenting with fashion and throwing spontaneous dance parties at clubs and on the banks of the niger river. location: 50 howard street [soho].

© malick sidibé - christmas eve [1963]