new york: louis vuitton window installation

© louis vuitton - fancy fossils on fifth

louis vuitton's maisons are prestigious flagship stores where the french luxury brand has pulled out all the stops to wow its clientele with plush interior, special offerings and events. the louis vuitton maison in new york city is one of only 16 of such stores across the planet, and it currently boasts rather stunning window installations that feature life-size fossils of a variety of prehistoric animals - faux yet meticulously crafted to resemble the real thing - all dipped in a shiny gold hue. louis vuitton's design team got the inspiration after a trip to the muséum national d'histoire naturelle in paris. as you can see, the fossils are paired with some of the brand's most exclusive trophy bags and outfits from the a/w 2013 collections. location: 1 east 57th street [midtown].

© louis vuitton - jurassic chic